Sketching software

Hello everyone,

My company is looking at different ways to store and share sketches electronically. We all know about scanning in our hand sketches, however, they were thinking about getting drawing software for either tablets or ipads. I’m now in charge of looking into different solutions and determining what I think will be the best for the department. I’m writing to you guys to see what professionals are currently using in the field.


Autodesk Sketchbook Pro is probably the most user friendly and affordable software out there. Theres also Photoshop, Art Rage and possibly some others. Sketchbook Pro is available on both the PC, Mac and iPad. There is also another confusingly named piece of software called Autodesk Alias Sketch which is more of a combination of Sketchbook Pro and Illustrator. It has some nice capabilities but isn’t as natural as SB Pro IMO.

Autodesk also recently came out with Sketchbook Designer, plugs into AutoCAD, you could download a trial and see if it’s as good as Pro. However, I’m guessing it will be more $ than Pro. Currently only for PC AutoCAD - which is fine by me, I can’t even get the MAC AutoCAD to even start.

I think Corel Painter is a good alternative too. The UI isn’t as slick as Sketchbook Pro, it doesn’t feel as optimized for tablet/pen input, but works well enough once you get into it.

Although I’ve seen some really impressive stuff made on iPads, I think the lack of pressure sensitivity would still be a major draw back for me.

Thanks you guys for autodesk sketchbook, I’ve lots of product too and I always wanted to store some of there scanned or sketch copy for showing up the people as I can’t take along my project everywhere ( Meetings) I go. I’ve tried it and I am totally satisfied although I dont know how to use it fully I tried and learn some basic techniques please give me some instruction so I can learn how to use this. Thanks in advance.

Is there any book for Autodesk Sketchbook Designer 2011? Trying to find something but i can not. Not even on amazon. Or if you happen to know any website with online tutorials (YouTube has some but really few)…

ROFL :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Just like in kindergarten…fingerpainting.

Seriously if someone would propose that to me I’d be insulted. Buy an automatic A3-scanner. At the end of the day feed it your stack of paper and your sketches are digital. A computer can be your best friend but it will be your worst enemy in the first stages of the design-process. Why? Ctrl-Z and wanting to get it right from the start will cost you valuable time and lead you to some ideas. While sketching on paper is fast, non-recursive and will lead to many ideas in a short time. Also ever noticed all those digital sketches look the same. I have a wacom but I only use it to color/enhance my sketches.



Microsoft Onenote??? Ive even used mindjet mind mapper

For what industry, why you sharing? Is it for little doodles, nice artwork, engineering drawings?

Personally i don’t think its there yet. If i were you i would get a tablet for somone (Instead of regular notebook) and try it out.