Sketching Software?

Which ones do you guys and gals use?

I have the free software that came with a Wacom Tablet…be I don’t think it will be enough for me.

Which one should I be looking into?


Corel has Painter

Adobe has…Illustrator and Photoshop

Autodesk has Sketchbook Pro

I’m looking for the Adobe packages anyway…but what about freehand sketching…which software is good for that?

I would recommend sketchbook pro for freehand sketching. It is not as powerful as photoshop, but the interface is awesome, and the sensitivity of the brushes much better for sketching.

Photoshop and illustrator are a must.

Sketchbook Pro is pretty good, as Yo said the interface is great, and it’s done in a way which does make you feel more like you are sketching than in, say, Photoshop, which is overly utilitarian for sketching.

Corel Painter is good too, pretty easy to get to grips with, slightly more complicated than Sketchbook Pro.

Illustrator is one of my favorite programs, but you can’t really sketch easily in it. I’m not sure of your knowledge, but Illustrator is vector based which means you can resize your work without any pixelation etc.

I’d say check out Sketchbook Pro. It’s quite impressive for such a small and simple program.

Sounds like I’m going with Sketchbook Pro…

I don’t really want to upgrade the Simple Corel Painter Basic that I already have.

Yeah, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I haven’t used the newer version, but I’m sure they’ve only gotten better.

Thanks for the advice guys!!!
Hopefully I can post the some of my sketches soon…cya later!

Do these programs let you actually sketch on the computer? Or do you need to buy one of those electronic pen things?

you’ll need a wacom tablet or monitor. The smaller tablets can be pretty inexpensive bought used.

Sketchbook Pro interface is really sweet, however, unless things have changed there is no option to “spin the paper”. Sketchbook only allows you to rotate 90 degrees. Which makes you twist and turn your arm in order to get the right position. This could be just me because I’m used to turning my paper alot when sketching.

I like Painter because you can make a hot button on your tablet that will let you spin the page around 360 at any angle to allow you to get the perfect position. Once you get used to it, it makes things a lot quicker.