sketching skills

I want to improve my sketching skills, we all agree that the more you sketch the better you get. My question is what does one practices sketching in order to get the mileage and hours in? would you do cubes cars shoes, what would you sketch, to get that practices in? thanks

I find that the best things to sketch are what interests you in the moment. If you’re dreading drawing another perspective box, then don’t! The key to drawing everyday is drawing what you want to, not what you think you should.

Sketching excisting things you already have is good way to learn instead of directly doing concept design sketches. Cause sketching real things you learn wich way its easier to draw the lines and also learn where the lights come from when you color it all in.

it’s not just time / mileage, it’s also reviewing successes and failures, benchmarking working towards improvement. One of me best friends used to draw all the time in highschool, his drawings were okay, he still draws more than most people I know, never stopped, and his drawings are still just okay. Just going through the motions and not working toward a specific goal, trying to understand the theory technique just leads to repetition.

“practice makes permanent”
which can be perfect if perfect is how you practice…but I digress…

Please expand more on the thought that you had. What should I do pick a person and try to draw in his/her style?