sketching Progress

I dug up a few a my early sketches from high school and decided to pick one and re-sketch it.

here’s the result. i’m getting better…which is nice. I even see a different between now and earlier this year. Hopefully I haven’t peaked.

anyone else try revisiting work? just curious.


I think it is a good exercise. I t would be interesting to see what you would do to evolve a functional concept with what you know now versus an aesthetic one. What this shows is your greater understanding of form, proportion, and drawing skills. Show your greater understanding of design.

point taken! thanks

see allot of different anything sketched between it?

nu-retro’ing your old joints arleady son! i never really look back @ something i did previously to change it, i do try to make note of what shortcomings were in the design & try to be sure not to repeat them…