sketching programs (alias, painter, photoshop, illustrator)

do you prefer paper or computer?

  • paper
  • computer

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can anyone give me the pro’s and con’s of usings these programs
(alias, painter, photoshop, illustrator)
with a pen tablet?
why is one used over another
i see the hype with photoshop for some reason and don’t kno why?
nobody use illustrator anymore?

and why use painter of alias sketchbook
i know feng zhu uses painter from gnomon but when i tried it i couldn’t set up a page right where all my lines looked jagged!

also what’s your take on improving sketching with a tablet? such as gained confidence perhaps vs. that fact you can erase which is probably a bad thing!

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everybody using paper?

i’ve used photoshop, alias sketch and painter for doing renderings all on a cintiq tablet. We would always end up going through photoshop at one point, but would generally use painter to do the bulk of sketching and rendering. Much easier to use and allows for better rendering. Way more options and its fast. Plus its vector based, so its scaleable ( until you save it as a .psd or jpeg) Alias sketch isn’t bad, but not as many features as painter, but definitely cost effective…

more later…

i’ve tried painter
i dont’ know how to set the display up to have my lines not look jagged
there is no setup pull down bars like other programs to pick a4 sheet size etc.
done by inches or pixel resolution

also can’t you use illustrator now with pressure emr pens?wht’s that like?
and quick easy guides to learn painter?

the biggest pro to using these programs with a tablet is probably ctrl z, it still enables the freedom & looseness of a hand sketch, i think it more closely mimics the process of ideating than illustrator for the most part…second it can reduce or exempts all together tedium of scanning sketches & renderings

probably the biggest con to using the tablet is maybe the learning curve because i think it takes some time to get use to attempting to draw on the surface of the tablet another con is also having all the abilities of these programs because having the power can be somewhat paralazing, it can cause indecision and finickyness over details you would otherwise not fuss over if it were analog

photoshop-the one stop graphic manipulating software, still one top because it is so powerful as far as tool and manipulating images yet is flexible enough for more artistic endeavors

painter-is aimed more at allowing traditional artist to recreate natural media digitally plus you can rotate the canvas very easily which make it a lot easier to sketch and paint naturally without having to akwardly orientate your wrist/arm/shoulders

sketchbook-probably gives you the most value as far as using the tablet for digitally sketching just staring off out of the previously mentioned programs because the interface is pretty intuitve and simple however it is also the least powerful in comparison

illustrator-many people still use illustrator though imo it is just most are not as impressed with vector graphics, after getting a chance to see some talented people use it i really think it is just as versatile as ps in many ways

as far as improving on the tablet, not that i am any good using it, i am not sure what to say other than it takes practice like anything else, but maybe you could try playing around with it and tracing your own scanned sketches and images

and no replies
ar eyou all students viewing this?
someone reply with their thoughts

i sketch one paper and then do all the rendering in photoshop.

photoshop because it seems to have all the tools i need and over the years i’ve got so use to it that even if i experiement it always seems like i am in control. plus i manage to achieve the renederings i need very quickly.

i have illustrator but i never use it as it seems more static to me and it seems like i have to think more when rendering.

i don’t have much experince with the other programs so can’t really comment on them.

i supppose illustrator is more a drawing program
i use it for presentation boards etc
cause of the vector graphics

i cause with illustrator knowledge wouldnt’ be to hard for photoshop

i.e. making the shapes and assigning colours
and layers
but photoshop seems like a mix of illustrator and alias sketch book
i think but the new illustrator does pen tablet stuff
maybe not airbrushing though for highlights
gah so many programs to choose from

do you have a pen tablet you use with ps?

i do have a pen tablet but i never use it, probably because i find that i have to think too much when using it…i really don’t like having to think about what i’m doing when sketching or rendering…i like it to come naturally.