Sketching on a tablet?

I reciently bought a 9x12 intous 3 drawing tablet. Love it to death. I have a few questions for anyonw who uses a drawing tablet.

  1. Do you sketch line work direct on the tablet, or sketch on paper then use the table to color. I find i’m better working the second way.

  2. Is 9x12 tablet too big?

  3. What resolution should i sketch one? I use an A4 page size but at 72DPI. This is so i can sketch full size on my 18" screen. If i increase the resolution, i lose a sense of scale as i have to zoom in or use bigger brushes to see the line at zoomed out. What do you guys use?

  4. Which is a better sketching program, Alias sketchbook pro, or photoshop? Why?

Thanks in advance.

these “tablets” you guys use, are they a bit like those tablet pcs (you sketch on the monitor with a pen)

how much do they cost


oooh good stuff there
thanks dude.

Its different. Its drawing on a tablet, and looking at the screen. Where as the Tablet pc you are drawing ON the screen.

  1. I have the same tablet and I got pretty good drawing line work on it but it takes practice to get used to not wanting to turn the tablet. Now I usually sketch on paper scan in an then throw a few nice clean lines over and do my color.

  2. I think the 9 x 12 is a great size, I am using it with a 17" display.

  3. I usually just use the defalt window unless I need a certain size like 11 x 17 or something. Something I had to get used to was zooming in its just part of the program to get some of the sketch details I wanted. So I think that zooming in and out are jus part of the sketching no matter what res.

  4. Photoshop has some nice features and effects, one of the nicest the mask tool, but for sketching I don’t think you can beat Sketchbook. The tools are easier to get to, use, and the brushes feel A LOT more natural when using.

These are from my experience and preference


Hey mtbtuc8700,

Thanks for the advice.