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It has been quite some time since my last submission for sketch evaluation. I’ve recently completed a course at Art center to build my trans skill set. Coming from a product design background, I’m trying to expand my product design skill set, I thought it would be good to supplement with some trans skills.

Below I based a concept of a car around the Marvel character QuickSilver…I thought it might be interesting to get some feedback. If this works well, I’ll rework some old designs and see how things flow…

Some more colors could add more life to the sketches…

I feel that the sketch technique is working well. The composition of the forms feels like it is missing a little tension, very soft with lots of negative form. A lot of the curves are very balanced, but pushing the apex forward or back will add that sense of motion. How do you get into it? Is the sitting position right for Silver Surfer, or should it be more like this motorcycle seating position Phil Frank used on the Nike One car:

Thanks for the replies, Moshake and Yo. The characteristics of quicksilver is that he is the son of Magneto, thus having magnetic abilities of his father as well as abilities to travel at high speeds. At this point of the concept sketch, I was still wondering what characteristics would make this vehicle work for ingress/egress. For a super hero, I think a standard split door would seem to cliche. The original idea was to actually have the vehicle split along the center line and have him enter through the front. But a center cut line running down the front may break the composition. I’m including the poster I submitted for this design to see if it helps with some background info. I did a front 3/4 view but I still think it may be missing some things.

At this point, I’m still working through these details and see where I come to…see below and let me know if the other view(s) work…

Maybe to fit your project you can use a kind of Comic layout. Just take a look around to the Audi Nero’s Board (attached)


Please visit Rick Chen’s Coroflot Profile. (rick Chen …another ACCD)

Maybe you can get some ideas to showcase your great sketches !!!

Keep it on !!!

Board from Kimberly Wu (ACCD '08 if i don’t miss details)


This is great! Thanks for submitting. I’ll add these to my collection. In this final effort, I was pushed not to create planar forms, and also to move past the prisma pencil and work with a more pastel technique. It took a long time, but I finally figured out about “carving” the form with highlights and shadows from a planar surface silhouette. Being that this was the first hurdle, I realize I have a lot of rework with this and the other projects…thanks again…

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The model builded !!

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Very Nice! Kudos once again…thanks for submitting.