Sketching in conte and pencil???

I’m in an undergraduate industrial design program and a member of our faculty keeps emphasizing sketching in pencil and conte. I was under the impression that pencil is rarely seen in the professional world and that pen and marker is the norm. Is there any advantage to having pencil/conte drawings in my portfolio?

Prisma or verithin pencil is very common, esp in toys and cars.

I change it up between mediums all of the time.

Here’s a few oldies of mine on newsprint or canson, pencil, some chalk and a bit of marker, the last black one has a bit of photoshop over the top.

so you got any sketches for us?

One of marker’s only advantages is layering (grayscales + color) I guess. Is there a special way to do this in pencil? I don’t know any book or DVD covering this…

I would also say pensel-conte-color pensel are very good to control shape. And You probably have the most expience with them (used them from a young age).

Marker is a new medeum for you and therfor slower.
Marker gives a stronger color, as sayd posible layering and quicker when getting used to.

In the end it is using the material that does the job quickest with maximum effect for that moment in the job.

In pensel You can crossedge and use different pressure when drawing, use sharp or blunt point, tilt the pensil til almost flat using the side of the point.


Yep, pencils don’t bleed and you can make nice gradations rubbing it, but you’re correct about the stronger color. I think the speed depends on the size of tool you’re using… And what about the layering with pencils, do you use a specific brand or is it just a technique?

I use Derwent studio, buy a box of 12 and ad the colors you need/want.
They come in good usable colors, stay that over the years (buying an new one of the same number is the same). Not marker proof!

If you buy cheap ones the colors are not so sharp or even “dirty”. The clay use is ground finer so you do not have hard lumps that damage the drawing.

The artis line hase mor natur colors and can be washed with water (reating water color effects).

Buy Quality material also in pensels