Sketching in AutoCAD?

Hey everyone,
just wanted to let you know about a cool new free technology preview available today at Autodesk Labs.

Hey AutoCAD users, want to get your sketch on? Now available on Autodesk Labs Site Error is the Alias Sketch for AutoCAD technology Preview. What is this technology preview?
Alias Sketch for AutoCAD adds fully integrated painting, illustration, and image manipulation capabilities known from SketchBook and Alias directly into the AutoCAD design workflow. This will provide AutoCAD users in all industries the ability to create effective and pervasive communication using digital imagery
• Leverage freehand drawing techniques
• Create artwork or import images to graphically express the context of designs, something previously requiring multiple applications to achieve
• Manipulate and composite images to quickly create variations for design exploration
• Free-hand markup (annotate) directly on top of AutoCAD geometry

Alias Sketch for AutoCAD Technology Preview is a free 30 day-license,please let us know what you think on the labs forum page.

SO what should you do? Go download this free technology preview extending the power and capabilities of AutoCAD as a broader creative tool. Where’s that 30-day trial? Site Error