Sketching in 3D

I have always wondered if it is possible to sketch in 3D. Some one seems to have cracked it:

pretty genius. thanks for sharing.

Wow. That’s acutally a pretty amazing piece of technology. I can imagine lots of uses for it, like quickly explaining form to people who don’t visualize well.

Holy Crapppp!
this is wonderfull…the only problem seems to be that you need an specific device like BIG wacom digital tablet…
only possible for Japs to make it massive…

well in twenty years I hope will be in South america…sad but true.


Pretty intriguing. Seems to give everything a Circular section though. No cubes or crisp edges. I got it… KID CAD

This dates back to 2006, but for those who haven’t seen it yet;

It’s about 3D sketching in a 3D space instead of a 2D surface.