Sketching help

Hi all,

Im 20 an on placement at the moment and studying IDT in the UK.

I really want to push towards the more artyside of IDT, styling conceptual work.

I took a styling module at uni and did well , but the place im at the moment isnt very creative (despite thinking it was) Im basically struggling with sketching now as im not doing any during the day at work and despite trying to do some in the evenings its hard when your not surrounded in a creative environment like uni.

Does anyone know of in the UK courses i can take weekends, night time etc.?

I have an natural ability to draw what is put infront of me, but drawing out of my head i find generally diffcult, at least draw to the standard i see from the big players on here.

I full well know it is about pracitce which is what im trying to do in my spare time but im finding there is onyl so much i can get from following tutorials out of books and trying to sketch random products at home in the evenings.

Does anybody have any advice cause i dont want to end up doing what i am now placement.