Sketching Help

Hi everyone, i’m currently in grade 9, so i know i’m probably the youngest person on these boards but I’m really interested in all types of design. Whenever i see designs that have been drawn by hand, they usuualy have very dramatic lighting and angles. To achieve this you need to be able to draw killer highlight and in general be able to draw shiny thigns. I suck at this, So i was just wondering if i could get basic sketching tips on highlights, perspective, textures, etc. The stuff that isn’t taught in highscholl (i’m doing portraits right now lol) but is key in design things. Thanks alot

p.s. This website has some of the nicest people on it, everyone seems to be helpfull and interested. Its realyl amazing.


Welcome to the boards, there is another 9th grader that posts on here as well in the footwear section.

It’s great to get an early start. You are very fortunate to know what you want to do at a young age because you can really get a head start.

The answers to the questions you ask are not easily described, but you can see how to do a lot of those things in the Gnomon DVD’s:


Another thing about sketching is what is the best style of shading. Cross hatch, stipple, hatch, just regular (smooth gradient) shading. Is it a matter of preferance or what. Thanks for the welcome, its a little wierd telling people " i want to be an industrial designer". Especialyl being a guy, since theres alot of stigma around guys and design. Anyways, thanks for all the help.

Stippling and crosshatching are pretty rare professionally. Try some markers and white/black prisma color pencils and pastels…

Hey man,

As Yo said, the Gnomon DVD’s are invaluable. They have improved my stuff ten fold in a very short time, especially the perspective one. Also, two very good books to get are:

Design Sketching

Presentation Techniques by Dick Powell (its on Amazon)

The latter is quite dated but still has the key fundaments on perspective, shading etc.

Good luck, practice makes perfect and all that.