Sketching for Portfolio

Hi my name is Mark, I am currently trying to transfer to pursue ID. Currently I am looking into, Cleveland Institute, Columbus College of Art and Design, DAAP, San Jose State, and CSU Long Beach. I am just looking for feedback on my work and maybe some of these pieces can be used in my portfolio. I have taken one drawing class in college so I am mostly self taught. Here are some digital sketches I have done on my iPad. Was wondering if you guys could give me some feedback. I am woking on uploading some analog sketches soon. I have some traditional art pieces also that I am going to include in my portfolio if you guys want to see those I can show them as well. Also I am still open to any other schools, I have chosen these schools because of recommendations and location. Thanks!

unless the programs you mentioned are super competitive/hard to get in to (in which case maybe asking people a those schools might give you more insight for the level you need to be at), i wouldn’t worry about it too much, rather just continue to practice sketching, using the fundamentals of perspective and simple forms as base for more complex forms and just cultivating a relationship with communicating visually, because you will learn a lot in whichever program you choose/get accepted to…

2017 CIA grad here. We had a couple transfers in my program, but I don’t know what their application portfolios were like. What school/program are you transferring out of? How large is your body of work? I need some more info to be able to help more. My first impression is that your sketches look like you could make it in ID with more training, but that isn’t enough for a application portfolio.