Sketching for IxD

Since I became interested in ID, I’ve been asking people (future professors, you guys) what to focus on. The answer was always sketch, sketch, sketch. I have been, and I feel I’ve progressed very well. But…

How important is sketching for someone interested in Interaction Design? I want to sketch my ideas, but it always ends up with a lot of the main focal points being left out or not as exact (menus, keypad layouts). I find it much easier to do a quick mock up (with animations) in Photoshop.

Will I do well in ID without being to draw the amazing cars and such that you guys do? I’ve chosen more engineering schools and not art schools, hopefully they’ll meet my focus.

i think its a good skill to have.
cuz you will be able to easily communicate your ideas pretty much wherever you are.

without having to be in front of a computer.

also it can be done within seconds to minutes

Check out:


And learning to sketch is easy and enjoyable if you’re willing to put the work in. Theres no reason you can’t draw a car, it’s a simple matter of understanding and practice.

I certainly won’t give up sketching, I’m more so hoping to remove any fears that not having art museum quality drawings could hurt my chances of graduating or succeeding in ID. Abrupt major change and lack of money make this a big decision for me.

Luckily, I have other skills and interests. If my sketching starts lacking, I’ll make sure the other skills shine through.