Sketching final project

So for a sketching class we were given a final project to showcase our prowess in Photoshop. I decided to render a ninja 250.

I’m still having issues making the reflections look convincing. Also the bike looks flat. The tires are terrible, the tread refused to look pretty. The chrome looks off in some places as well.

Any suggestions on how to improve, where to focus my attention, how to advance, or general comments would be much appreciated.

I’m a second year industrial design major



Hi Dan. Difficult subject and a difficult color. It is a great start. Right now it looks like you are using too much black to shade the red. Try using warmer values where the light hits it and cooler values in the shade. Same with your blacks, try using ultra dark blues and browns to set up your black areas. Next, try giving a “core reflection”… Essentially an indication of a horizon line that woul reflect in glossy side facing surfaces like the tank.

Check out this bicycle by Scott Robertson. Notice how he uses values of red to shade and the bent reflection that arcs with the form of the bike.

It is a good series of renderings.

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’ve watched Scott’s videos, and tried to use a lot of the techniques he teaches.
Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely try some of those techniques.

Use the burn tool on the shadows. For the chrome areas don’t use a soft edge (airbrush), chrome has hard reflections. Also, I know there are lots of pieces on this but you seem to put highlights and shadows (very thin) on some but not every piece so I would go through every single piece and do that. For the most part though it looks good, just needs the final touches. I think what you have going on in the seat/tank area is good so apply that everywhere.