Sketching courses

I’ve been looking for some sketching courses over the internet and after several hours browsing i just could find two, one at Gnomon ( in Hollywood and the other one at FZD school ( in Singapore. Which one do you guys think is the best? Do you guys know any other course to recommend me?
The reason I’m doing such courses is to be able to create a decent/good portfolio for my application in Vehicle Desing at RCA.
By the way if I’m going to Gnomon I’m willing to do Visual communications 1/2 and Product design and if i head to FZD I inted to do the Dynamic Sketching course

Hi, I recommend you if you have the opportunity to study in the FZD , its a wonderful school to learn the techniques for drawing, the mentor Feng Zhu is at most talent designer in a world, i really recomend you that.

Sergio Mora

Where are you located? Those places are pretty far apart, and they’re both known for Concept Art/Design /Entertainment Design, not Transportation/Vehicle design (their kind of vehicle is quite different from the program at RCA).

For concept design, there is the Concept Design Academy at Pasadena (I went last summer, it was awesome)

For more product/trans, go to Art Center College of Design’s Art Center At Night program.

Thanks alot tarngerine, that was very helpful, i guess i’ll join a night program at Art Center College. Oh and by the way, I’m located in Brazil :wink:

Setting yourself at Art Center @ Night and taking classes there for a year will get you a really strong portfolio. Concept Design Academy is also right there, so you can take classes from both places, and basically get a full courseload for about $2K. That’s what I did last summer and I improved a ton. Check out Tony Yao’s class at Art Center