Sketching classes?!?

I am new to this board, but have been reading various posts on the site for at least a year now. I am currently working in the IT field, in which I obtained a Bachelor’s of IT in 2004. I am interested in starting my path toward a career in design, and would like to vastly improve my drawing/sketching skills. Do any members of the board have any suggestions on what kind of classes I could take at a comm. college that would help me to improve my drawing/sketching skills? I would like to take these classes in order to begin to work on a portfolio for school admissions. Thanks for any and all help and suggestions.

I’m in the same boat as this poster. I have a B.S. from RIT in digital imaging and need to compile a portfolio for admissions into a graduate level ID program.

I have scoured the web and specifically this site for information on building a portfolio and especially developing sketching/drawing skills. So far from everything that I have read, it’s all about “Practice, practice, practice”. Since I work full-time, I don’t have the luxury of enrolling in a technical drawing or design related drawing class, as those are usually during the day.

So far, I have bought and taken out many a library book on technical drawing and now am teaching myself by book. This is an effort to try to do anything at all to jump start the portfolio building process.

Comments and suggestions from others with more experience or relevant advice would be greatly appreciated from me as well.


Scott Robertson “Drawthrough” tutorial DVDs. Learn at your own pace at home, from the master of ID sketching/rendering.
I purchased two DVDs in the past, and they’re still laying around, so I’m probably going to put them up on eBay tonight. Look him up online, and you’ll understand why your drawing skills needs to improve. His sketch tutorials are impressively helpful for beginners in the field. If and when I put the DVDs up, I’ll drop a note here.