Sketching class in NYC for complete newbies?

Looking for a continuing ed class here in NYC where I can learn the basics about sketching for product design (specifically soft goods - backpacks, jackets, etc.). I’m a graphic designer, but have next to zero experience with drawing or sketching of any type. Can anybody make an recommendations? I basically need to get an idea from the inside of my head out onto paper in a way that doesn’t look like a 1st grader drew it! :wink: Hoping to still be able to take advantage of summer continuing ed classes, so need to get a move on!


(Note: the really great class at Pratt is unfortunately no good for me because of it’s time and location - impossible for me to get there in time)…

some ideas off the top of my head to try…

nyu continuing ed
cooper union
the new school
the art students league
art directors club of ny
92 St. Y
Parsons School of Design

Find an unemployed designer willing to teach you. :smiley:

The “skills” of design sketching can be taught rather quickly. It’s the constant practicing, seeing what needs to improve, and being able to identify problems yourself that get people.

there’s also some videos out there and stuff on you tube

thanks guys!