Sketching Apps...

Hi Everyone:
I have a quick question:

For all of you that have been using the ipad pro what are the sketching apps you have been using?

I went back to analog a few years and now I’m trying out the iPad pro at work. If you can I would love some designer opinions on the best apps to use and why.


The designers in my office (myself included) have been using Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, or Paper. Personally I like how much you can tweak the brushes in Procreate.

I mainly use sketchbook, mainly because I use it on desktop as well. I’be been meaning to try out Procreate. I wan’t a fan of paper when I tried it, but that was when it first came out. All the in app purchases put me off as well. Just give me the app. I’ll pay for it, but don’t make me pay overtime I want to add a brush… maybe I’m just old. :slight_smile: