Sketching apps for Windows mobile

I just installed the trial version for vspainter on my HTC Touch and find it pretty fun to use even with its limitations. Does anyone have any suggestions in regards to some similar or better programs that are along the same line (for mobile phone usage).

Give Pocket Artist a shot. It’s almost like Photoshop, and if pocket pcs had pressure sense it’d be an amazing tool. Still, it’s quite nice, can take advantage of extra fonts you dump into the handheld, has layers, photoshop like drawing modes (Normal, Blend, Screen) and whichever.

Only drawback is it will be a pain to use if you’re on a low-rez device - the color pallete is completely unusuable for me, though for a 240x240 device I can’t expect much. For my purposes it just got in the way more than helped, and I just put my thoughts into a note until I could get to a PC.

Thanks, I’ll check that out!

Here’s a tougher one: Show me an iphone app that’s a “portable photoshop” like the winmo Pocket Artist!