Sketching and Rendering; A Progression

Hey folks,

long time reader first time poster, Reading through the website has really inspired me, I am a third year product design engineering student in scotland and really enjoy the sketching a rendering side of the course so i thought this would be a great place for me to get feed back and advice as i start to really put some effort into my sketching and rending skills.

I plan to post a sketch every couple of days or so come back and check the thread out. I encourage you to criticise, comment, and add your own sketches to help me improve.

First sketch was one for a concept rowing machine we had to design as part of CAD project, Wasnt till i skanned it in did i notice how far the eclipses were off on the seat tubes.

I thought this was a tank at first glance! boom!

I’m far from an expert at sketching - I really need to practice but one thing that stands out here is line quality. Get bolder with your strokes, practice drawing straight lines from two points plotted on the paper, practice constructing perspective grids. Less strokes per line, just one solid, clean line.

As mentioned above…and do sketch with a pen an not a pencil and make sure the ellipses are correct.

I’m proud that I guessed that was a rowing machine without reading anything. Don’t take that as an insult to your sketch or as meaningful contribution to your post. =)

I would second the suggestion to draw in pen. It forces you to commit to lines. You’ve done a good job capturing the details, just keep practicing and your sketch will get cleaner.