Sketchgrad's sketching thread

Hi all, I have already graduated and have a little bit of experience under my belt but my sketching leaves very little to be desired - my perspective is off, my line weight is hairy, don’t even talk about markers. I wanted to make my own thread so that I can grow in to the designer I want and know I can be.

I graduated in 2012 from a UK university that wasn’t focused at all on the core skills, they were more concerned that we could talk theory about our work, not visually communicate it.

This means that my sketching is sub par and the only way I’ve managed to get as far I have done is be excellent in other skills to communicate my thoughts, such as model making and CAD. This always made me feel limited in ways I could explore my work, being that my products have a minimal feel just because I couldn’t ideate more complex forms.

I moved State side after graduating and once I hit the job market I quickly realised I was lagging behind my US competitors. I had a few people see potential and I’ve had some great opportunities - unfortunately I am in the same boat as Bepster with the visa debacle so have headed back to Europe until I can return in the near future.

This time though I want to hit the ground running not only to be as good as my US colleagues but I want this skill to enhance myself as a designer and be able to get the ideas in my head out, without having to knock together a cardboard model.

So I want my own thread to help me improve but also this may be a little different than a students sketching thread as I’m working. I want to start from the basics and would really appreciate some things I could draw to get me going. I’ll only have evenings and weekends due to having a day job (luckily) but will try update every few days with progress and it will be a nice way to see my improvement.


Great initiate, now lets see some sketches!

I would suggest picking a theme or project to base the sketches on. Otherwise you will find yourself quitting in a week or two due to a lack of motivation and drive. Anyways, looking forward to it!

Thanks for the input Sketchroll. I want to go back to basics, I think first I’ll tackle perspective. Do you think instead of just drawing cubes perhaps smart phones might be a good theme? Thanks and I’ll get cracking on these tomorrow.

When will we see the first round of sketches?

Lesson 1: Less talk! More Sketch! :wink:

What happened to them sketches Sketchgrad?!