I’m moving on to third and final year this coming term at Kingston University doing Product and Furniture Design. Taken a break from sketching on the regular and would like extra motivation to get back in the groove of it.

Am currently working on cable management solutions - wanted to look in nature for inspiration in forms.
Found the shape of a sweetcorn to be quite charming so wanted to de-construct that simple form in wrapping cables around the form…

More sketches coming along.

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More sweetcorn goodness!

Was quite busy today so didn’t get much of a chance to think about the design too much.

This is the next project I’m working on in uni.

After a lot of research I came up with two insights I really wanted to pursue the area of children’s toys and furniture.

  1. Creating Space: I found that children love to create their own space within the home so having a more considered solution that blends between the child’s fantasy and the adult’s environment is an interesting direction.

  2. “I want to do that too”: As children are becoming ever more intelligent, they are very eager to be able to do adult chores. So creating a solution that enables children to do these chores and on top of that having a product which transforms as the child ages - is an area I would like to develop further.

Ideas of being able to create a sweet and charming product that both children would enjoy and adults could also look back and be able to reminisce about their own childhood made it very appealing to me.

To follow the rest of the project and other work: