Sketches for my corrent project.

Hi all.

I’m working on a project about styling new constraction machines like loader and backhoe in Iran.

here is some sketches about it.
I done them in Corel Photo paint 12 with Wacom tablet A6.[/url]

looks good homie, did you put a real image of the claw over the sketch? on a side note can you recommend a good wacom tablet that is fairly inexpensive?

Your best bet to get a fair price on a wacom is Ebay, I got a 12x16 there a few years back for under 300$. I wouldn’t go with anything under a 12x12 personally.

i have checked ebay there is alot to choose from i just do not know what i should be looking for. a 12x12 wou;d be nice but i wold be straight if i could find a good cheap 6x8.

If you design mostly on a laptop then a 6x8 would be a better way to go, you don’t want to go much smaller than that though. What’s nice about the larger ones is that it’s more natural, like allowing you to put your elbow into longer strokes. The larger ones can be pretty expensive if you buy them new, that’s why I suggested Ebay. The smaller ones, however, might just be worth buying new as the price difference on Ebay won’t be as big. You’ll just have to check it out.

The sketches above are a good start, my advice would be to keep it light. I appreciate the mood of construction you are going for, but remember you want to clearly convey your idea.

Check out this guy’s concept loader

Comercial vehicles can be tough to sketch, because you don’t want them to look like glossy auto sketches, but not like your typical product stuff either. Here’s one of my sketches I did awile back for EZ go when I was consulting.

lastly, when using a tablet, be careful not to overwork it, you don’t want it to look too tablety. This is an old sketch of mine from when I was first learning to use the tablet a few years back. It’s crap but it communicates the idea. Remember that is the key purpose of your drawing. OK I’m off the soap box, you can hurl the tomatos at me if you want

Ok yo. Tell me why that second sketch of yours is crap. Looks like it does the job to me. But then, I’m only a mech eng. (ducks)