sketches: dress shoes

much more pop, good job.

looking back at them now with the before and after, i think i could have added more shadow on some of them but while doing them i was getting the impression that they were starting to look dirty instead of shadowed.

i see what you mean, i think the boot is the most successful because 1-it has more surface to shade and 2-it is a darker color to begin with. the reason it looks a lil’ muddy is it looks as if you used black to shadow,for colors it is usually better to used a darker shade of the same/slightly darker color or a gray tone (and if you want to get really fancy you can do like the car guys and use the complimentary color)

i might be in the minority but they imo worked better before, the backgrounds and the shadows kind of clash with the delicate shoes, it loses some of that quality. adding some really gently shadows to show a lil more form would work better.

it is cool to see something other than the athletic sneaks, good stuff!

as for your drawings, they are unique, you not only have desing skills but you also have good, non mainstream academic ID representation techniques.

However, your designs seem generic, and there is something about the computer renderings that lend to that; so maybe I take back my last applause. but keep up the good work

that doesn’t come off as snotty at all, nope.

i don’t really understand what architectom wanted to say with generic. if he/she explains it to me i’d appreciate it as generic is so generic that i don’t like my work being classified as generic.

junglebrodda: i was actually shading them with the burn and dodge tools in photoshop. i tried changing the colours while using these tools but from what i saw it only burns to different intensities of black and lightens to different intensities of white. trying to do it with complimentary colours would be cool…next time will try that out.

from what i’ve seen this kind of rendering etc is not even done usually for dress shoes so for me it’s mainly a personal sattisfaction and pass-time.