Sketches by me ;)

Okay, so heres my story. I’ve always liked drawing and design, but I’ve never been too good at it. Recently I decided that if I draw more, I’d get better at it so I’m here to show my progress. I got a wacom graphire tablet a few years ago, and its been sitting on my shelf for the past year and now I want to start using it again. I purchased Sketchbook Pro 2010, and so I far I really like the fact that you can rotate the canvas. But anyways, I’m 16 years old, still in high school, and hopefully I’ll be able to improve my sketching and drawing here. :slight_smile:

I just drew this stapler design just to try rendering and sketching in sbp, please critique, I know its not the best, but I’m also trying to get perspective down and everything.
It’s my first digital rendering, so please give me good critique, I don’t care if your blunt about it, I want to improve.


In the beginning, it is just about volume. I’d star away from doing any shading at first and just do linework sketches, either digital or analog. It is better to do multiple iterations (30-40) than to just spend all that time on a render to start out.

more sketching, I know it sucks. But I’m working on it :wink:

Thanks Yo for your comment, I’ll start focusing on my sketching, and not rendering.

nice stuff looks like your getting the hand of the perspective thing pretty well. For some critic you line work looks a bit like ‘weetabix edges’ try and be a bit more confident with your strokes instead of shuffling along. Or you could lay down some light rough lines then tidy them up with a clean heaver line.

I agree that linework sketches are important in terms of product ideation.
I have to say though that making some progress in volume and shading can help a great deal on the way.
For me, it was (and still is) important to see quick progress. Shading can do this for you. Lines were always so restrictive and dry in the beginning. After all, sketching is about creating a 3D model in your head.

So my advise would be to focus on lineweight, perspective and such just as Yo recommended, but to once in a while render out your sketches to really get those “wow” moments. They’ll help you keep going.

I would advise you to start sketching on plain paper with a simple pen, instead of the tablet.
You’ll learn faster and won’t be distracted by Cltr-Z and all the other gizmo’s digital sketching offers.

If you haven’t got the basics covered have a look at my basic-sketching course:
There’s also many tutorials to be found on these boards and
I recommend everything yo-related. Love the simple old-school approach.

Oh and as you said. Exercice, exercice, exercice :wink:



same with upper,in the beginning,papper and pencil maybe the best tools.

Little weird… my name is also Jake and I’m also 16 and had the idea to draw more to get better, heh. Anyway, these are looking good man. Sorry for the lack of better advice, I was just amused at the similarities.