Sketches by computer

I’m a first year student in ID and I was wondering about those computer drawings. I’m taking some prisma color sketch class but when I see the nice portfolios and images in this website, they have perfect line sketches for like concepts or ideation sketches. Are those done by hand, copying and tracing it by illustrator or just draw it straight from the computer. What great softwares for concept skectehs are the best, illustrator, graphite, etc? Any responses would be appreciated. thanks!

You are a first year student. Stick with pencil and paper.

Agreed. First by hand, then digitally. Programs change and come and go, but there’s no replacement for foundation skills.

When I was a freshman, we had to generate 18X24 presentation boards ( usually 6 of them, including intro, features, exploded view, ortho and research) all by hand on canson paper, mounted on foam cores. I still think those were the most kickass boards I have.

but are those drawings done in illustrator or some other software…i’m just wondering

…everyone has thier own techinique/preferenced software for this and there are a couple of excellent tuts on this board (do a thread search)…briefly, i start with a freehand sketch and scan it in to illustator or coreldraw, refine my line work and block in my colors on multiple layers, then i finish it off in photoshop.

A good quick and dirty way to do it is take your sketches, scan them into photoshop, clean them up a bit, turn it into a multiply layer and start airbrushing on layers beneath. Makes for good quick shaded concept drawings.

Link to some so that we know what you’re talking about.

Sorry for the bad handwriting. The keyboard has done its damage.

What in the holy hell?

A very basic trick you can use to clean up your process sketches is to simple use the auto contrast function after you have scanned them. If you have been sketching with markers on ball point pen so that it bleads this often give you a rather “designy” look on your sketches.

I always use “levels” too… to knock out all the smudges and less important lighter lines…

I’m a student,too.I’m always use Illustrator and Photoshop.
If you’re a new hand,I think you had better by hand first.
Then,sketch by hand first can help you to learn something else from it.
You can do it easily with computer afterward.