SketchBook Pro Vs. Painter

I’m looking to get a wacom tablet and the software to go with it. It seems most people are using Sketchbook Pro or Painter. Can anyone tell me some pros and cons of using each? What’s the differences?

I like the free version of sketchbook pro for putting mark-ups on renderings and doing sketches. And I use photoshop for renderings. Painter seemed over-kill and complicated for the kind of work we do.

I’ve been keeping track of a few tutorial pages listed on this site. They seem focused on photoshop.
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I’d be looking to use the program to do quick sketching, some loose line drawings with the ability to quickly add some color to them. I’m not really looking for the program to do supertight renderings…i would use photoshop for that.

I was using Painter for tablet sketch work until Sketchbook came along. Painter has some nice Photoshop style tools but I’ve found it very unstable (so much so that I had reverted to version 6 over version 7,8,9 & 10).

Both programs have very nice pen sensitivity & flow (don’t you wish that Photoshop could just be the same) although I would say that Sketckbook is slightly superior in this regard.

I really like to simplicity of the Sketchbook interface which seems designed for tablet users. It still lacks a basic mask tool & perhaps a vector curve tool but it has definately become my everyday sketching program.

You should just use the free version of sketch book pro then. Download from alias. You can do everything for a while then features get turned off. Layers, extended brush menu, and a few other functions. Basic sketch features are still there, for free.

To quickly Mark-up drawings. Alt-Prt Scr then paste in sketch-book pro window.

If you buy Wacom tablet it comes with trials for both.

Thanks for the help…I have heard that Sketchbook Pro does not have an option to rotate the canvas (to simulate you turning your sketchbook) while you draw. This seems like a huge oversite to me, and one that would make it impossible to use. This this really true!?

it doesnt matter if you can rotate the canvas anyway… this is a tablet pc you can change the oreantation of the screen remember?