Sketchbook Pro Trial for Mac?

I am thinking about getting Alias SketchBook Pro 2, and I have a Mac. I went to download the trial version to test it out and there was only a PC version available… very disappointing. Further digging into the website led me in circles -no person to email and ask. I went to their forums and found out that basically, since being purchased by Autodesk, they haven’t had a Mac trial available.

The reason I’m on here complaining is because I’m looking for feedback. How does sketching in Sketchbook compare to Photoshop? I have an Intuos 3. Is it worth it? Does anybody know of a way I could preview it on my computer or will I have to transport it to my PC at work?

depend what mac you have - I know for a fact it doesnt work on a macbook :frowning:

its more fluid that p’shop though it is similar in a few ways - layers etc.

it works a dream with a tablet. I have seen a mac version on p2p tho this is an older release.

good luck.

Sketchbook is a much different piece of software, and part of the reason it’s mostly PC based is that it was originally developed primarily for Tablet PC’s.

It’s a great program, and I use it extensively for quick sketching. It doesn’t give you the vast array of tools or controls that Photoshop does, but it makes up for it with a great interface that is incredibly fast and easy to use. I wish they WOULD release a new version with some more in depth features without losing the quality of the UI.

If you have a Mac the only way I’d say you could try it is if you have an Intel Mac and can dual boot to Windows. Otherwise you might just be out of luck. If you really want to try the software hook your tablet up to a friends machine and try it on there.

Three reasons why Sketchbook Pro is PC only:

  1. Alias is a small company and their expertise is Windows software.

  2. Industrial Designers are the target users, and they use PC’s

  3. Sketchbook Pro is one of those rare applications designed specifically for tablet PCs, and so far, Apple has yet to sell a tablet.

All above is true…

and it’s REALLY cool.

alias research, alias|wavefront, and alias systems were small companies. but alias is now just a brand name in the autodesk software library. alias was bought out last year, or was it '06?

anyway, you’re right, there’s no mac trial version. the mac full version is 2.0, same as the current windows version. the mac version isn’t intel binary yet, but since development is currently happening and there have been posts about version 3.0 i assume that version will be available as intel mac native.

here’s the autodesk sketchbook forum:
on that forum you can find complaints about no mac trial version and tidbits about sketchbook 3.0.

i was looking at the macworld coverage on gizmodo, and noticed a post about axiotron showing off their macbook tablet mod, the modbook.

now look at the software they are using: isn’t that sketchbook pro?

watch that video. someone from axiotron says they are running a prototype of sketchbook pro…in leopard…on what is basically a macbook. :open_mouth:

so, i think there is hope for us out there waiting for sketchbook pro to work on intel macs.

It certainly loooooooks like sketchbook pro’s interface.

I’m glad they are developing Sketchbook for the Mac.

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