When I draw on my cintiq in sketchbook pro the line quality is all squigilly. But when I switch to a different computer with my cintiq it works fine. So there is something wrong with my computer. Does anyone have this problem or know what it could be
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Does that happen in Photoshop or any other programs?

I am wondering if theres possibly a problem with either the Wacom driver or mouse sensitivity that would cause that to happen. Sketchbook is a pretty dumb program, so it’s not like theres any settings that you could change to fix that. Seems like it might be something to do with the systems pointer settings.

Sketchbook Pro, dumb? Wow…I don’t agree. Unless if by “dumb” you mean simple and intuitive. It gets better line quality than photoshop, is endlessly less complicated than Painter, and is available for $100. It has all of the important tools and a fun, user friendly interface. It saves out to psd files so you keep your layers when going between applications…I mean…what else?..

Oh…and this:

Sketchbook Pro 2010 willl be a groundbreaking tool…look it up.

By the way I’m running vista on my computer, and my computer is definatley powerful enough to run sketchbook. Could this be a vista issue?

I also run vista. I’ve got 4 GB of ram, and cs3, painter, and rhino all work fine. (including sketchbook). I know vista takes 2 gb of ram just to run, so I would recommend exceeding that to run other programs well. It has to be a settings issue. Go into your wacom tablet properties, and tweak them til you’re happy with it. I don’t know what else it could be…unless the brush you are using in sketchbook is tweaked wrong…

Actually by “Dumb” I meant sketchbook has no added controls over the input device that could be causing the issue. - Unlike photoshop which has the ability to customize pointer smoothing which can cause cursor judder on certain brush strokes.

Had absoultely nothing to do with the quality if the tool. :wink:

Stoneback - have you tried the following:

Reinstalling the newest version of the Wacom drivers.

Making sure your LCD is running at it’s native resolution (not lower).

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and go to the processes tab - hit CPU and see if theres any other applications running heavy while you’re drawing.

You also may need to try uninstalling any default mouse or touchpanel drivers you have. Make sure you have a back up copy to reinstall them if needed, but it’s possible a 3rd party input device driver may be jerking around your cursor.

I’ll look into those issues. I tested it on my friends mac and it worked fine, then i tested it on two of my other friends computers (pc) with windows xp/vista and neither worked. Both of those computers including mine is 32 bit…is that an issue?

32 bit has nothing to do with it. Can you look at my previous post and let me know if you’ve tried those 3 things first? (Drivers, resolution, background processes).

Otherwise call Wacom and they should be able to help you out. If it works fine on a Mac it sounds to me like you’re just having trouble with the drivers working properly.

Just got off the phone with wacom, they couldn’t figure it out. I did all of the following. I don’t understand why this is happening, especially when it worked on mac. Here is another image of the problem. I think I just might return this.
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I’m pretty sure that would be a driver issue with Vista. I know there have been vista specific openGL issues with wacom drivers. I don’t have any fixes.

You said it didn’t work correctly in XP?

I was reading something today about needing to disable the Vista Tablet Services to get things to work right. That could be an issue?

I didn’t read carefuily enough. You say that you tried it on two other computers, one with xp and one with vista and you have the same issue, but works on a mac? I’m starting to think it’s an interference issue. I’d try another wacom tablet (non cintiq) and try swapping stylii to eliminate faulty hardware. ??? :cry: