sketchbook pro or studiotools paint?

Hi guys,

I just wanted to know, which one is better to use… I am using a wacom tablet intuos3.
sketchook pro or studiotools paint?


Both are made by the same company so you will get a similar style…I know studio paint is a little more robust and I do love that it has a sketch symmetry option. Other than that, the look of the sketch will be similar. Sketchbook Pro is more basic.

Honestly if you’re using a Intuos I would go with painter as a potential third choice.

Sketchbok pro and Studiopaint are both really meant to be used with the cintiq. Painter (and now Photoshop CS4’s) saving grace is the ability to rotate the Canvas. You don’t have that novelty in Sketchbook since they’re expecting you to rotate the whole screen.

With that said I use Sketchbook pro + a Cintiq. I’ve dabbled in Studiopaint but overall the interface is very unfriendly and most of the advanced features I don’t need enough to warrant using it. But for getting a super tight automotive render the ability to do symmetry and snap to curves is key.

I use SKetchbookPro on a tablet PC…works great if you look at it as digital paper with layers. No more, no less.

I often use sketchbook for rough digital sketching…also is faster to launch than studiotools or painter.

In AliasStudio, the sketching worflow allows the user to rotate canvas in full screen mode without icons… it goes well both for intiq & intuos.

My advice:

For fast sketching an light system load, use sketchbook pro.

For sketching to build a 3d model and get the reference in the same “virtual space” go for AliasStudio.

For final hand-made rendering and artist details , Photoshop or Painter…

hope this help you!!!