Sketchbook Pro canvas and image size settings?

I am getting my head around using SBP, took some time and finally got a pencil custom set to work the way I like it using my Cintiq.

I am curious what you guys use for the document set-up. The default is a 200 DPI document. I have since reset it to an 8.5 by 11 inch and 300 DPI.

I don’t think I’ve seen any comments on image or canvas size. Is there a reason it comes default set to 200 DPI? I wonder if I am making my documents unnecessarily larger then it needs to be. I come from doing traditional hand sketches, scan into Photoshop and then render there. I’ve always preferred my work to look sharp and crisp. As I transition into totally digitally created sketches, maybe I need to reset that thinking?

I also use Painter X, I really like the Photoshop-like capability that SBP does not have. I also set documents at 300 DPI there.

Thanks for any feedback!

I find that going above 200DPI in the digital realm is really not necessary. The files become so big at 300DPI… If I were to have to print large scale I would certainly have a setting higher than 200 though. But for a 8.5x11 I think 200 is a good value vs size ratio.

Thanks for the reply. I can see working in the digital realm has different rules from analog. I should experiment with that. Thanks.

Yeah, the other problem with 300dpi is that the brushes aren’t as big relative to the canvas. Sometimes you want a big soft airbursh on a high res image, and the max size isn;t quite big enough. I usually keep my SBP stuff at 150 or 200. The sketchy nature of the images is also more forgiving at lower dpi.

That’s interesting regarding brush sizes. I just tried my pencil set at 2.1 at 200 dpi, reset the document to 300 and drew another line. The line thickness is bigger at 200 dpi. Same with the airbrush.

I’ll try some more experimenting. As long as fine lines look crisp and defined at 200 dpi, then I’m happy!

One thing I’ll try to understand is how a fairly tight rendering can look in SBP at 200 dpi vs 300. Sometimes I’ll work with straight edges and ellipse templates in my sketches and I can do this on the Cintiq. As has been said, the rules behave differently in the digital realm for resolution settings.