Sketchbook Pro 2011 and new Cintiq?

I saw a new video promoting Sketchbook Pro 2011. You can find this video on youtube. Kind of a quiet release! Didn’t really know if it was a new SBP or a release of this new product Sketchbook that also has vector capability.

I use Sketchbook Pro 2010 on a Cintiq 21UX. and on my iPad. The new 2011 looks like they took the new Sketchbook mobile iPad interface and integrated it with the desktop version. I haven’t tried 2011 yet. but I like that they are doing an Apple thing and integrating the products.

Anyone using yet? What do you think?

The other reason I’m posting this is that I was surprised to see in the video that someone is using a Cintiq that I don’t recognize and I don’t see it on Wacom’s site. Could it be a brand new Cintiq coming out in the future? Or a European version or an industrial version? The more I look at it, maybe it’s a custom film that covers a standard 21ux and with cut-outs for the side buttons and top power button? See image below:

Here’s the youtube link if you haven’t seen it and are curious: - YouTube

Interesting, haven’t heard anything about SBP 2011. The vector stuff looks heavily based on Alias Sketch…I’m wondering if they merged the tools?

That Cintiq is an old 1st or 2nd gen model. Have one sitting next to me at work. I think people didn’t like the cover that went to the edges because it was non replacable so most of us have the one with the smaller removable glass panel.

Just downloaded the trial - no vector tools in SBPro, just some raster line tools that let you do lines/polylines/shapes (you know, the stuff MSpaint had 10 years ago :wink: )

Mostly just prettied up the UI and made it hang better with Alias Sketch. And some bug fixes - symmetry finally works now when you crop an image. That was my #1 pet peeve in the past.

There are two kinds of Sketchbook products.

I know this has been causing some confusion.

There’s Autodesk Sketchbook Pro and then there’s SketchBook Designer.

The SketchBook Designer is the one with all the vector capabilities and is not the same as Sketchbook Pro.

Right mpdesigner. I had been studying the Autodesk site and the Area website and I was able to figure out it’s two products. It is confusing.

I’d like to try Sketchbook Designer. But I am surprised it’s $495.00. From what I can see of it, it’s sort of like Painter. Painter also has the Vector capabilities. But that price, when you consider that SBP’s new lower price of $79, SBP is a deal!

I’ll have to do the upgrade from SBP 2010. I think the pricing for that upgrade should be less for current users.

Cyberdemon, yes, Autodesk didn’t make much fan fare for the new 2011 release. And there was no talk of it on or other sites that I could see. Which is surprising because Spencer Nugent and John Muhlenkamp got credit for some of the sketches shown in that video. (Though I think they did those sketches in 2010)

I guess this 2011 upgrade is mostly changes to the interface. The addition of type and the new layer capabilities get this closer to Photoshop and Painter. For what they offer, this is a great deal!

I just noticed that they added the screen/multiply functionality. Thats HUGE for being able to sketch over existing linework.

About time.


Cyberdemon, I forgot to ask you, and thank you for the clarification on that Cintiq in the image above. I thought I had seen all the iterations, but i never saw that one! Looks like it’s held up well, the screen is s till white and bright. I’ve seen a 4 year old one and the color is all off.

So the question for you is that the current ones has the removable glass. I’ve seen one comment somewhere that people have peeled off the plastic protective sheet off the glass. I was wondering if anyone has any more info on that. I ask because I wonder if it’s a possible DIY to replace the glass and protective screen. My Cintiq is in great shape, but has a few very small scratches on the screen. Drives me nuts and I’ve done all I can to keep it from scratching. Someday I might want to replace the screen. It’s costs a few hundred to have Wacom do it and I have to ship it to them. I’d rather spend an afternoon and do it myself. If one could get the parts.

My fellow students and I haven’t figured out why they took out rotating the page (like when you press space bar to rotate the page for drawing). Stupid. :[

Are you serious? They removed that…? it was one of the few reasons why i actually used it. That and the ellipse/ruler tools. (stresses the cpu/gpu to the max though.)

It’s still in there; it is just turned off by default (they say it requires a lot of processing power to run it). Go into preferences and it is a checkbox in there.

So my hissyfit was uncalled for. Great!

I had one too on SKB Pro 2010 when they first switched it off. I blew a gasket, and emailed them about the “stupidest” thing they had ever done.
If so many people gt caught out then it is a serious UI issue they should change or address somehow

I can’t say I’ve scratched mine or needed to play with it.

Have you tried seeing if you can peel off that film? Not sure that you’d be able to get the parts needed to DIY it, but you may be able to just peel off that film…of course then any scratches you get will be on the top cover.

Just need to be careful with the Cintiq’s I think. I haven’t had any issues with scratching but I make sure not to wear a watch and that the nib’s are clean.

Cyberdemon, Thanks for replying.

I’m extremely anal and I wipe off my screen before I start and I wipe the tip off the stylus everytime. And during too. No rings or watches too. Sometimes something must drop on the screen during the heat of those sketch sessions when I’m so into the work and it gets me!

My scratches are very small and you can’t feel most of them. Though I have about 4 short ones I can feel with my finger nail. I’m sure your screen have some very fine scratches. It seems unavoidable. I also found that even if the tip is not too worn, I’ve changed it once in the year and half I’ve had mine. And that helped, it felt much smoother.

So far it has not been so bad I can’t work on it. I can’t see them when the screen is on. I just know they’re there taunting at me. :smiley:

I would think the glass below the film won’t scratch as easily! But then the reflections off the glass might make it pretty hard to work with. :frowning:

I’m going to see if I can learn more about how these screens and films are made up. I’ve read elsewhere the film is laminated to the glass and the adhesive is very difficult to remove.

That is possible. I tried slightly tugging on the corner of mine and it feels like it’s a pretty thick piece. But I remember reading somewhere on here that someone had removed theirs.

I had removed the glass to my 12WX by having the cat jump on it and knock it on the floor face down. That’s one way to get it out. :laughing: Not a good way to find your $1000 tablet the next morning. If it didn’t pop right back in kitty would’ve been out on the street.

Ouch! Sounds like a near disaster was averted for all concerned there!

I know a lot of threads have talked about the 12WX. I’ve been using my 21" for over a year and a half and love it. I may buy the 12WX for a job I need to do at my client’s facility. So I was considering the 12" if they don’t have any Cintiq’s there. I had an opportunity to try the 12" when I got the 21" for only 5 minutes. Everything was so small on the screen. The menus and the image itself. So I imagine it will take some getting used to to go from 21" to 12"?

About taking the film off the 21", it sounds like a difficult thing to do without doing some damage. I’ll just see if I can learn more about this.

You know doing a little bit more digging I think I’m wrong.

It sounds like the protective film was just something that used to get shipped on the first gen units (similar to how your cell phone comes with a screen film). If you don’t have that first gen unit then trying to pry off that top layer would probably end rather poorly.

So yeah - probably avoid trying that unless it’s a first gen that obviously has plastic on it still.

Does anyone wear a glove when using the Cintiq21UX? I’ve heard of people doing it to preserve the screen surface.

I don’t use gloves but I set up keypad pro For iPad and pulled all my alias and Photoshop shortcut and icons onto it- it actually is really nice tool- kinda like the next best thing to that programmable oled keyboard we saw renderings of like 2 years ago- I am a huge fan now of iPad as an interface for PC- especially with cintiq