Sketchbook pro 2010 + wacom = bugfest?

Ive been working some with sketchbook pro 2010, but ever since i downgraded from Snowleopard to normal Leopard, the cursor seems to get stuck 50% of the time while sketching. After a while it gets insanely annoying, and ive tried to reinstall both drivers and program. Any one else had a similar experience?

Im kind of asking here because it seems to be a lot of people here who’ve tried it out. Had some horrible experiences with autodesks support before, so id rather not go there.

Think i fixed it. Installed drivers that were three updates old.

So mods can do whatever you like with the thread. Suppose its good to leave for reference maybe.

Just out of curiosity: why did you downgrade from slow leopard to leopard, apart from the obvious (there are still a few bugs it seems) and the fact that they totally messed up exposé?

Myself, I will try a clean install with snow leopard before giving it up. Upgrading from my old Leopard installation was not that successful and my mac seems to want to play more with the spinning beach ball, than with me :frowning:

Funny thing, it was the exact same scenario as when i went from Tiger to Leopard. I installed, and then went back.

Anyway, Snow Leopard was just not well tuned enough, everything was slower and not streaming well. Nothing scientific just a feeling though.