Sketchbook pro 2010 released?

I’m confused about this: downloads claiming to be sketchbook pro 2010 trials are starting to appear on various pages, but I cannot find any information on autodesk’s page about 2010 being released, which is … well strange. I would have thought they’d be all over themselves when this program comes out. I’m kinda skeptic too installing these trials. Does anyone know if these are the real thing?

example: (which is Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2010 4.0 Preview / 2009 R1 3.1, whatever that means)

comes out in April from what i read on their site a few weeks ago

So, I saw a screen that included canvas rotation on the front page core blog today. I have a question: is this improved to be like Painter, where the image quality is preserved, or is it still the crappy version that degrades the image every time you rotate it?

My understanding is that it will be like Painter. The integrity of the linework will be preserved, no matter how many times the canvas is rotated. I’m really excited about the symmetry and ellipse/guides features. Does anyone know if Autodesk will sell upgrades for previous versions, I just got 2k9 not too long ago and don’t want to drop 100 more for 2010.

There is no degradation of the image and the image moves in real time (this functionality existed already in AliasStudio).

There is a short video demonstrating this functionality (and most of the new and improved functionality in 2010) at

found it on the Alias design community site.

I’m a beta tester for sketchbook pro, and have been using 2010 since november. I’d recommend everyone download the trial, as they really stepped it up in this update, especially the rotate canvas, the ellipses/ruler, and symmetry.

i downloaded the trial… all i can say is i want to extend my 15 day trial.