Sketchbook Pro 2009

Has anyone run across this? A blog posting mention April 2nd as a release date. April fools? The Autodesk site labels it as “new release” though only version 2 for sale. A release any day now? I found this info on a reseller website:

  • Platform & OS
  • Mac Universal Binary
  • OS X Leopard qualified
  • Vista qualified
  • Layer Improvements
  • Preserve Transparency
  • Editor Improvements
  • Layer Preview
  • Layer Name Option
  • Resizable Option
  • New Tools
  • Photoshop Interoperability
  • PSD Read/Write
  • Improved Layer Preservation
  • Toggle UI
  • Quick access to toggle on/off SketchBook Pro UI
  • Brush Sizes
  • New Larger brush sizes
  • Simplified Chinese
  • In addition to Japanese, SketchBook Pro is now available in Simplified Chinese

I hoped they would add rotate canvas and symmetry options as in Studiotools…