sketch vs "sketch"

I know how important hand sketching is and why we need to put it in our portfolio for process. But lately I’ve been thinking (that can’t be good). Some of the really nice hand renderings takes a really long time to do. “Doodle” sketches can take seconds and are equally or more important in designing, but nobody really posts those on their portfolio since they often look like doodles.

From a business/company point of view how often are these really sought after? Or maybe I should just start doing nicer doodles in the 1st place :exclamation:

I think the most important part is showing that you can COMMUNICATE the idea. If it takes doing a full on rendo or throwing down a quick sketch than fine. The sketches you put in a portfolio shouldn’t look like chicken scratch, but don’t have to look like finished renderings either. If the idea is clearly communicated through the drawing then that’s what’s most important.

and yea, drawing cleaner looking doodles never hurts either :laughing: