SKETCH VIDEO >> Mobile Clinic

Hey everyone,

I recently did a video sketch demo for and interview on the Rhode Island School of Design’s ID blog. Thought you all might like a look. It is of a Mobile Disaster Relief Clinic.



This is a link to the full interview, mainly about sketching:

ty for sharing!

I am applying for undergrad I.D. right now and hope to get on my path of developing into a unique designer as we all are. Thanks for pointing out that the first 2000 sketches are complete crap. I’m guessing you’ve read Outliers and you’ve reminded me that i need to get through my 10000 hours and 2000 sketches and to not be discouraged along the way!

Great video!! Thanks Michael.

Curious, What was that two finger technique around 1:25?

Sweet, yo!

Sketchroll: he’s using his fingers and swinging around the pivot of the door to gauge how far he should draw the lifted door.

Thanks fellas.

Yes, Jullius, that is exactly what I’m doing. I move the page around a lot and do a lot of gestures like that to gauge proportions. It is not a particularly pretty sketch, but I think it is a decent example of a thinking sketch. Something I would show other designers and engineers to represent a possible solution before making a quick mock up.

Also, did you notice I had two cameras rolling to vary the angles a bit at times… I thought that would be fun, but it certainly added to the editing time!!!

Nice video!
My sound isn’t working currently so I’ll just have to re-watch this later :slight_smile:

Sweet. But there’s two things you really need to do…

  1. change you avatar to

  1. report to your local police department precinct headquarters and turn yourself in for having an inordinate amount of fun; ya gotta leave some for the rest of us… … :wink:

Good stuff Michael–nice editing too, I like the 2nd camera angle.

Nice little watching there…
Good to see you brought your fan club along at 32 secs for support…!

Thank you. :wink: fan club, nice.

it is a little bit of a long video, but it shows how long a sketch takes… even a not very good one. That was sped up even.

I think this gets to the topic of self criticism that Jon brought up the other day, and my response on a tight sketch vs a loose sketch: Self Criticism

The sketch above is not that pretty, but it is loose, offers room for a little creative interpretation, and communicates an idea simply that can be used to have a collaborative conversation to get it to the next level. It isn’t really a design, or even a flushed out concept, it is the visualization of a raw idea.

I had really been wanting to do a vid with two cameras. It just makes it cooler, though a pain to edit.