Sketch Time Lapse Videos

time lapses and more time lapses :slight_smile:


This one was sitting on my iPad half done for 3 months… had a little bit of time this afternoon so added some shading and called it good. Nice to be a little silly every once in awhile!

Took a little break at the coffee shop down the street and knocked out a quick sketch :slight_smile:

Quick backpack time lapse :school_satchel:

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Monday motors :oncoming_automobile:

3d printed house sketch time lapse :house:

Evening time lapse… it has been a colder than normal winter this year in Portland. Last week we had the most snow in one day since 1943! Thankfully I have a pair of luggy winter boots from back in my Converse days that were an interesting little experiment, I also use a foam posit Air Jordan I in the winter, keeps the feet warm… but I sketched this up this evening:

A quick page of toaster thumbnails before shutting it down for the day:

Breakfast of champions. Sometimes I wake up on a Saturday and just want to draw something. This Honda Prelude EV concept sketch was jammed out while knoshing on a sesame bagel… there is always time to draw if you make time for it.

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alpine inspired sneaker boot:

a little iteration from the classic Donut Phone that is sitting on the shelf in my living room… just a little doodling from the couch last night while Kristina was reading a book and Enzo was snoozing :phone:

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A Chelsea boot with a cupsole…

I always struggle sketching a Starship Enterprise… the thing is like a cylinder, 2 sticks, and a dinner plate floating in space! I had to use an image as an underlay to get it.

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A little slip on sneaker sketch:

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heading into the weekend:

Quick evening time lapse:

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a little captoe oxford sneaker hybrid:

sometimes I just need to star the day with a sketch for funzies :slight_smile: