Sketch thread- MBW

Hey guys figured I would start my own sketch thread where I can post recent work.

Any tips or feedback would be great!

First off, these all look great! I wish I was as dedicated and skilled in sketching at your age, all your hard work definitely shows. My only thought is, have you considered drawing other types of transportation? I am aware you are very into automotive design, but have you gone out of your comfort zone with things like motorcycles, boats, or perhaps aircraft? I am definitely not an automotive designer, but I would imagine you can apply many of the same principles to create/sketch alternative transportation as well.

I would also like to ask, where you get your inspiration from? Particular designers, sites, or just things you have in your head? You may have already seen or someone may have already directed you to these sites, but I particularly like Kimberly Wu’s work on cars Cargo and this site as well for just a load of sketches

Hi, thanks Mroh!

My inspiration can come from anything! Products, nature, existing cars etc. I have many people I follow and look up too, Kimberly Wu being one of them :wink:

5 min rough pen sketch

Can’t stop sketching!!!

Can I get any feedback on my sketches?

Here’s a few quick practice sketches.

nice. I like the looseness of the work. I think you have great skills, and I’d even see if you can work on a wider range of style from even more expressive to tighter to further develop the skills.

These latest I feel are a bit more overworked compared to the previous posted ones, so maybe just finding the right level of expression will help dial it in.


Thank you rkuchinsky.

I appreciate the feedback, I will try more styles and be more specific to some.