Sketch Pro for the iPad tutorials

I have used SPB for PC a couple times but was never very comfortable with drawings on the tablet and seeing it on the screen.

Now that I can draw directly on my iPad and intend to get very good with the program. Only problem is I do not know where to start.

Does anyone know a website and videos of the basics of using SBP on the iPad? I have been looking at blaster701 step by step tutorial which is very helpful, but I am looking for even more in-depth starting from the basic of the program.

Any help would be great, thanks


i didn’t know there were people using the ipad for serious drawing/painting/sketching…but :

i am impressed!

i was able to find these, not exactly explanatory but i’m sure you can find more:

OK…I too am impressed by the painting on the iPad. BUT…why the hell does someone make a model sit for 3 hours while you paint them? There’s this amazing new technology called Photography. It is able to capture an EXACT REPLICA of your model, which you can print out, and hang on the wall in front of you.

Call me crazy.

You’ve never taken a life drawing class?

And I assume you’re referring to using photos to make the painting, not substituting photography for painting?

You can see a lot more with your eyes than you can with a photograph. Life drawing was easily one of the most difficult courses I’ve ever taken. And it really taught me how to observe when I draw. If you get the chance, take a class. It’s a lot of fun.

I’ve sat through my share of life drawing classes. I agree, it is difficult. Maybe because I never was particularly GOOD at it…I can’t see the subtleties of it all (I’m too impatient to enjoy life drawing). I still don’t understand why you can’t take a photo of someone in the pose, and then use the photo as your model.

Of course you can. It’s just not the same as drawing from observation, in my opinion. I’ve done it both ways, and I always seem to get better results.

Here’s just a sketchbook pro tutorial. It will at least give you the basics of the program, which is pretty much the same on the iPad.

As far as the mobile specific tutorials, I’d just use the one they bundled with it. Very easy to follow and gives you a good overview. If you don’t know where that is then I think you can go to (on my iPod): The menu/“?”/Overview I think it’s somewhere similar on the iPad if I remember correctly.

I never was very fond of sketching on the iPad. The stylus’s you have to use on those screens are just too awkward for me. I used the Pogo Sketch and found it annoying to have the little piece of foam sliding all around under the pen tip and blocking my view. Also, the interface just seemed so slow to operate (since you must stop drawing to do anything, and on top of that it was always picking up my hand instead of the pen (some guy has a project posted up about a glove for this reason).

It takes practice, but for me using a tablet is more accurate and at least twice as fast. A cintiq is the best of both worlds (which is where I’m heading next).

Hope those links help, if not the tutorial in the program will.

the main benefit of having a live model is being able to pose & situate them to your liking…i thought it was more for the nature of the “event.” it maybe would not be as impactful if he were just painting from a photo…the whole setup was to make it seem “normal” the easel & live model play that up, i think…

seeing these vids makes the ipad an intriguing proposition…i wonder if the good folks @ apple might build some additional functionality for this in the next ipad, like a proper stylus?

you might want to make your own stylus. i made the one shown at the following link, which uses metal fasteners instead of foam. feels a lot more precise for some reason.

i also found another tutorial for making a foam pen, might be useful.

I think it’s a lot about how the two eyes pic up the model… using a camera, differences between single lenses are a big deal (see the pic), let alone the two biological eyes of the person who’s sketching. Plus you’re also making decisions of what lines to emphasis and which to ignore all the time.

I go to life drawing pretty often and think its great… sometimes I even take my wacom tabletPC too, though everybody looks at me like I’m a weirdo :wink:. I think I’d have a hard time with the bigger ipad stylus personally

Nice stuff Trav!

thanks man :wink:

When someone finds the perfect stylus for sbp on the iPad, please let, me know! Like many others have described, I tried several and they were all too gummy, nubby or floppy :wink:

Our tecra m7 tablet pcs are still a better mobile solution until Asus makes a Gen2 EP121 with quadruple battery life.

My cosmonaut is coming in the mail soon. Will let you know. For now I use boxwave. It’s a little small, but it’s ok. I use penultimate to draw. SBPro sucks. Line quality on penultimate is fantastic. I import from one to the other for color/shading.

Also: ip, you can’t understand drawing from life? There are so many uses: for study (draw from life so much that you begin to memorize things like human proportions, etc so that you can draw humans in various poses from memory… this is something all entertainment desginers/concept artists have done. Years of figure drawing), to abstract/show your own interpretation (see Monet, impressionism, Picasso… all drawn from still life but interpreted through themselves), and that’s just two of many.

These are nice - I bought one after reading in an interview that Scott Wilson carried one with him. It works pretty well for the touchscreen resolution on an ipad

Just Mobile iPad Stylus

How’s the friction? The overall style makes it look chunky and nice and comfortable, but the “glide”, man, how’s the “glide”?