Sketch pad question

Re-Post from General discussion forum. Maybe I will get a response here :blush: :blush:

Back in the days we used to work up car and product concept drawings using LETRASET pads. I am not talking about the final rendering marker pads but the pads which you would sketch a car/product concept on and then re-trace it again and again to further refine the design. The paper was good for sketching with ink pen, coloured pencil, ball point pen and even for basic marker application. You could clearly see your underlay sketch.

I have tried buying something similar in the country I am in right now. The paper in the local art shops is either too opaque and the underlying sketch is not visible OR the paper is transparent but very sand texturey in nature and not good for ID type of sketching.

So I am going to order the pads online from Letraset UK. I am buying quiet a few so want to be sure. Help a brother out and tell me which out of these two is what I am looking for?


Highly transparent and smooth this high quality tracing paper is ideal for tracing and drawing in pens and pencil. Available in light weight (60gsm) and medium weight (90gsm) versions


Was it this one?

Combining excellent bleed resistence with good show through, this paper is ideal for intermediate design stages.