Sketch O Rama - seeking advice on my sketching

I’ve been really looking to improve my sketching skills and have been spending a lot of time reading over past threads on the forum and I figured it was time I put myself out there. It’s been about 4 years since I really have dedicated anytime to sketching and believe this is a crucial step for me in my personal development.

From what I have read it sounds like simply spending time sketching every day is critical and I have been doing this. However I am looking for specific things to work on, and focus on each time I sketch. I am really inspired by some of the sketches I see on this site and gravitate towards the loose, yet legible sketching style. I find that when I try to tighten my sketches up they end up loosing any of there dynamic quality.

Enough talking about my sketches, below are samples (Not my best, not my worst, but average ) of what I have been doing. Ill pick an object and sketch on it for a few pages with no real purpose other than to explore forms and put down lines, then move on to another object. There are no underlays, and I limit myself to 25 min a page. Usually I end up spending closer to 20 min a page. Any advise, insight into drills or exercises I should could do or media I should be working with would be greatly appreciated.

Additional images

additional Images

I think you’re off to a good start - I see some inspiration from Design Sketching in there which is a great book to reference for different styles.

You’re doing a pretty good job of maintaining good line weight and keeping your lines dynamic. I think your form will start to read better if you start playing with adding some splashes of gray to define your form. Play with scale of different sketches on the page to show priority towards one design. Work on some objects that have forms that challenge you - a lot of what you’ve shown so far is fairly simple (which is GOOD! too many people start off trying to draw cars when they can’t even do a good box!) so push yourself on doing something a little more organic and free flowing, and work to make the form read well.

If you set yourself on something and keep practicing the improvement will come. Throw some figures in your drawings too. Too many times people draw things with no hands or figures to show scale or use - and scale is so important. Many people just photoshop in silhouttes, but being able to draw a hand correctly is an easy skill to learn and a good skill to have - even if you only use it once or twice on a project.

Thanks for the feed back cyberdemon. I agree there needs to be a stronger focus on each page .or better yet have one page describe one idea well. most of what I have been practicing has been simply putting pen to paper, not working through ideas.

I will try to post some more in the next few days.

You definitely have what it takes. This is a great foundation. Your linework has a nice natural flare and confidence. Start playing with the page composition, and play with the scale of different views to make some dominant, and some recede a bit. In this way you can lead the viewer’s eye through the page.

It is pretty good, and I would even say much better than mine! My only suggestion is to tone back on the drop shadows. They look too much like part of the product.

Had shoes on the brain this weekend. It is amazing to me how small changes can make a big difference in the way a shoe looks. They are all about proportion, something I have not yet entirely figured out.