Sketch-Fu: Men's Footwear

I feel you there, I tried to do that last semester with my class. Pretty much had to tell them to just watch me fly, take notes on anything they have a question on, and I’ll explain it to them when I finished. But I was also trying to show them speed also so that counts a lot for the “just wait and I’ll tell you when I’m done” mode.

Cool stuff here…nice sketches Roshan…

I have a problem with my images…after post them here I can´t see them on my post…before that I use to press “preview” and it´s correct but after that…they disappear.

Ok…so this is what I was doing this last weekend:


A question to those of you who use sketchbook, do you use drawing tablets or just mouse/trackpad ?

tablets for sure, pretty impossible to use a mouse with it!

will everyone get angry if i put up a topic asking about the tablets ?
From searching i cant find any topics since 2004/2005, technology has come quite a way since then !

Try searching Cintiq.

Great work all, there’s a lot of hot renders on this page. Richard, I especially like what you did with the rendering of that iridescent quarter panel, looks sweet.

I’ve been working on revising my Air Force Adapt design from last year’s future sole contest, this is where I’m at so far. I’m thinking of going with an iconic/simplistic look with an emphasis on the tech. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

Ben…that´s INSANE!!..really good job.

Ben,that is one brilliant concept!keep working on it…it definitely deserves a lot of attention…and a nice sketch too!

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Any suggestions on where I should go from here? See any glaring issues that I should take care of?

The 360 max heel unit looks a little bit too tall in my opinion. I think making it proportionally longer will make the design look a little “faster” as well. Love that you are revisiting this project though. Keep it up!

Good call Brent, I’ll take that into account.

Ben loving the concept especially the honeycomb, I agree with scriptD that the shoe should be just a little bit longer, I took the time to measure your shoe in comparison to the Nike Hyperdunk, you probably already know this but the height of the shoe and the the opening of the shoe( where you put your foot in) is spot on. The length of Bens shoe is 1 centimeter less than the nike hyperdrunks, also I think what made the shoe proportionally confusing is the undercut the shoe has compared to the Hyperdunks, if the soles undercut at the front of the shoe was a half a centimeter less, then, the proportions would be very near exact. Now it’s possible I could’ve made some mistake as I measured this, but it’s close enough.
Heres a shoe I’ve been working on myself.

Well this something I was thinking yesterday…just a little piece of fun.

Kind regards.

SBP for iphone doodle on the bus. pretty amazing little app.

@rkuchinsky just curious, did you use a stylus for that one? I’ve just tried sketchbook for iphone myself, but then drawing with a finger (hard to do!).

nope, all finger, and I have kinda thick ones. takes a bit of getting used to, but then again, I’m used to a intuos tablet where I can’t even see what I’m drawing so actually find it pretty easy. Plus you can zoom in to do smaller details…


Dude, pretty awesome considering it’s done on an iPhone… the future is now.



Sketch-Fu just went iPHone?!?!

Remember in 2007 when we used pens and markers on paper?