Sketch-Fu: Men's Footwear

post your doodles, sketches, renderings…

that bottom right is a nice sketch dude.

actually was just going to say that sketch looked very “Yo” style (thats a good thing!).

nice stuff.



Thanks for the comments…

Here is the new Jeep renegade concept shoe

did you do the car sketches?


no, just using those as inspiration.
it is actually my brother’s concept for chrysler that is going to debut at the detroit autoshow

Cool your bro is in the industry, I’m sure he has been able to mentor you quiet a bit!.. I know a few footwear designers who have family in the auto biz!

So the jeep is a lightweight trail capable, open top design.

How does the shoe relate? I would think something more like a cool, wearable river moc or trail sandal would relate back to the functionality of the Jeep more…

the whole idea was to create a casual shoe that would fit the jeep brand. I wanted to integrate the jeep grill as well as the door panel cut out. It is more of a cross between a casual shoe and a low-cut hiking shoe. point taken on the utilitarian purpose of the shoe. I could explore that further…

I hear you, but if Jeep where to collaborate on footwear, it would be a big endeavor. What brand would they work with? What type of shoe would it be? How would it address the Jeep consumer and support the Jeep brand? These are the questions that would get answered before the pen hit the paper.

If you removed the Jeep sketches and told me this was by an automotive brand, I would think casual, sleek and low profile, simple clean design with modernist detailing, somewhat luxurious, European… maybe Audi made by Royal Elastics (before they where bought by K Swiss…)

Very nice sketches. I don’t want to take away from that at all. Focus in on the design and the functionality of the form as a communication medium for the brand, beyond the physical links to the product of the grill and open area. Conceptual links are more difficult, but much stronger than aesthetic veneers.

all good points.

the jeep brand is relatively strong and focused. if moved to footwear, think about how this would translate. as a starting point, perhaps identify existing footwear brands/styles that would work as jeep and go from there. Keen, Merrel, ACG? if casual, maybe something along the lines of some of the puma trail stuff?

theres nothing worse than a cobranding that slaps a logo on product. ferrari laptops, anyone? what is the core of the jeep brand? trail? simplicity? mobility? ruggedness? find the core of the brand and you’ll find the core of your concept direction.

also i feel that your rendering is not nearly as strong as the first sketches you posted. maybe suggest to stick with sketches more before going to rendering. also watch your proportions. the jeep stuff looks a bit fat and puffy.


thanks for the tips. really appreciate your professional criticism.

Some thumbnails…

Nice sketches Tony. are these a concept in progress? or is it just for fun?

A sketch from one of my adidas projects…more to come.

nice stuff guys. Hot thumbs Tony.

These are beauties. Great feedback about branding, too

Good stuff guys! Just wanted to let my pencils fly a little bit. It is for a project, but very unfocused and loose sketching right now to find a direction.

Tony: hope you will post it when you are done.

jm745: Nice sketch, is that a chrono on the side?

some old stuff

love everybody’s stuff by the way