Sketch-Fu introductions

hey everyone!!!

the other day i was browsing the thread and noted how many people are regulars here…it seems like a lot of people know each other, but, nevertheless, i would like to offer everyone to throw down some info about themselves: where everyone is located, jobs, interests, and such. This could be a great networking opportunity.

On this note, lets kick it off:

My name is Nick Maloy. I am in NYC working for product/packaging design firm 4sight inc. I went to Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated this spring. I was on basketball scholarship at SCAD for all 4 years (after which they got rid of the program…:frowning:). My a huge Lakers fan - go Kobe!!! Anybody else in NYC area?

ADD: sketches are very nice. the double shoe lace reminds me of the adidas shoes I saw 3 days ago with 3 tongues…good stuff.

That´s why we put our coroflot site below…but anyway,

My name is Francisco (main name)…friendly…Paco.Im spanish and designing for Sugi Iternational, italian multibranding company based in HK…doesnt mean Im allways in HK…Im within footwear industry about 12 years…from pattern maker to developer,then to design.

I’d suggest to start make introductions topic as a separate topic. I think the whole ideas of the sketch-fu thread was to have a threads with just sketches.


Split it off into it’s own topic so Sketch-Fu stays a bit more pure sketch-fu.

Good looking out Richard and Michael.

Francisco: nice to meet you! the reason why i wanted to get this going is because not everyone has info in their signature and profile. and the first name basis is always better than nicknames…

Thanks for your comments, nmaloy.

i have worked across various areas of industrial design from product (home appliances) to transportation (bus, trains etc.) to graphics (Decals). Presently working as freelancer…since there are very little right opportunities available in the market.

Regarding… Footwear design…i just love to draw them… :slight_smile: