Sketch-Fu: bags, backpacks, handbags, etc

I think we could mix up th fu a little and add a topic around bags. Kicking it off.

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a few more from today.

Sweet sketches, good idea for softgoods fu. :wink:

Oh man. So many of these from the past few years. Here are a few for a moto project from a couple years back.

Cool, I’m glad this popped up! I’ve always struggled with soft goods…

Some of my sketches for sketchwars, initially started with a men’s holdall and wanted to blend materials.

Then I decided to switch it up and do a modern material construction with what’s usually a more traditional silhoutte. The idea was a techwear inspired holdall for women, maybe the straps wrapping over could hold a yoga mat? And what if instead of a traditional closure the experience of the handle strap played off of sneaker culture and we used laces?

And some old sketches from last semester…

Nice stuff Aaron. What Nike is that?

Thanks Michael!

Ironically that’s an Adidas shoe. I’m sure that’s not the best inspiration for a Nike bag but I liked the window of support materials.

Decided to throw in a quick photoshop:

Few racquet bags on the ole companion…

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