Sketch DVD

I am working on a compiling a DVD of sketches similar in nature to the 5 Minutes Sketch series that Yo has done for Core77 recently. I have 4 designers on board and I need 1 or 2 more to get involved.

If you’re willing and able to video tape your design process and have the availability to get me video on or before Valentines Day…send me a message. I would like to see a few examples of your work to make sure your abilities match those who are already involved (you know some of them if you troll the Core77 boards).

I will fill you in on the details offline.

If you haven’t seen the 5 minute sketch series, here it is.

i want to nominate Blaster. he says most of his renders are around 20-30 min… but… im sure he can still work wonders in half that time.

It may be past the deadline, but I’d be interested. Below is post w/ a video I did just to try out the software a few weeks ago:

I tried to get Blaster involved, but his schedule didn’t allow it to happen.

if I can get this off the ground, I will be doing a more formal open call for entries.

Optimistic, I will check out your video and get in touch with you privately. I am waiting for two more submissions that should be showing up at the end of this week. If they are what I am hoping/needing I will be all full up as that will make 5 designers.

I actually thought about emailing Blaster to see if he had ever made a video of himself sketching because I really want to see his workflow. +1 for a Blaster video!

Another vote for a blaster vid. I want to see that fat sharpie work in real time!

If anyone is interested in seeing the first cut of the teaser video (needs color correction and some timing tweaks), send me a PM with your email and youTube name.

I can only have up to 25 people view it as it is still not for wide public consumption, so it is first come first served.

Well, we’re getting close to finishing off this project and it is called “the.brief.dvd”. We’ve gotten as far as creating a teaser video that I will link to below. The project involves several of your collegues from here on the Core77 boards.

Have a look at the teaser and the website ( and let me know what you think.

The gist of the project is as follows:

Four professional Industrial Designers were given the same Design Brief asking them to design a single cup coffee maker. All four Designers were videotaped as they worked, showing how they come up with their ideas and begin to realize them as a final product.

the.brief.dvd is not your typical “how-to” DVD. All four Designer’s work has been sped up and then put to cool unique music by the band “Lips and Ribs”. the.brief.dvd isn’t trying to “sit down and show you how to design”. the.brief.dvd has been created to teach, inspire, and provide a unique way of understanding how professional Designers work.

the.brief.dvd is a glimpse into the mind of four Designers and an observation of the skill required to visualize a product. Have a look at our teaser to see what the.brief.dvd will be showing you:

I vote for a blaster video too…

Nice work on the trailer/concept. looking forward to that one

I agree that Blaster would be a great addition. Unfortunately his time was not available enough to participate.

I suggest everyone who wants to see Blaster buy a copy so that I can pay the Designers up-front on Volume 2 :wink:

Hey Everyone:

I have received the what should be the final cut in the mail today! If you’re interested in seeing more of what some of your collegues have done, I have a 15 minute trailer that shows you what the.brief.dvd is all about.

If you go to and sign up for the newsletter you will receive a link for the 15 minute trailer.

Finally shipping!

THE.BRIEF.DVD is officially for sale. Four of our collegues showing off their stuff!

Check it out:

Looks awesome, is there a student discount by any chance?

Thanks for puling this all together Jon!

Curious if there is a paypal link?

Nope. No Paypal. Sorry.

Hi Sain:

No student discount.

Sorry, I for some reason am not getting updates for any of my posts to Core77 lately.

I need to check my spam settings.

Hey, Im looking to order from the UK. Two quick things, does it ship to the UK (obvious, I know) also are the DVD’s region 1?