sketch compilation

this is a compilation of some work that i’ve done from various projects…first is some illustrator/photshop, marker, and just sketches and doodles…the second is some quick doodles done during my morning lecture, some exploration…question/comments/critiques welcome


To start, I am a fan of full size sketches. Try not to make cut and past pages. In an interview, I need to see a sketchbook. The sketches need to be full scale and it is even better if they are all on the original page. It looks like you may be doing this, but it is hard to tell. Post some images that are full scale pages and one at a time.

I disagree. i like the compilation pages. shows a good amount of skills and variation and gives an idea of your thought process.

hard to give more comments as the pic is small and i cant see detail, but if full size in a portfolio would give a great impact, im sure.

aslo nice to show the variety of mediums. too often i only final renders in portfolios or PS stuff, and the process is the good stuff, imho.



Thanks for the comments guys…blaster701: as for an actual “sketchbook,” i don’t use one, I am simply using 8.5x11 bond paper for all my stuff; easy to pin up and scan and put into a folder; and i’ll definitely put some bigger pics up; and like rkuchinksy, I am definitely a fan of putting compilation pages together to show process and variation.


Sketchbook to me = 8.5" x 11" full scale pages that are not modified. Put them into a nice binder or folder.


Compilation pages are fine. Makes complete sense for an “overview” portfolio. For me, a potential hire needs to have a sketchbook in their portfolio. In addition, they need one project assembled in a booklet that documents the entire process.

To each their own. I think compilation pages are fine as long as I can see the sketches. I like to see evidence of decision making… ie: here are the 30 idea I had, I selected these 5 to refine for these reasons, and then we moved forward with these 3 because…

I don’t feel like I need to see a sketch book, but I like to… I do think it should be edited, don’t show bad stuff, don’t show mediocre stuff, scratch that, don’t even show good stuff, only the best, greatest stuff.