Sketch Classes

Hi All,

I’ve gone for a couple of private lessons with art teachers to improve my sketch skills. The problem i have is the teachers have a difficult time with the style that ID ‘prefers’. Can anyone point we in the good direction of a teacher, whether it be a night class, private tuition or other?

BTW, the id sketching site is excellant, great work guys!

There was a topic recently here about mentoring young designers. I wouldn’t discount traditional drawing if your background is not with art, a good still life class will teach you about gradation, form, depth, shadows, texture, etc. It helps to have this kind of understanding first. Do it enough and you can draw the “still life in your head”.

Beside saying look at sketches you like and overlay, watch the id sketching videos, practice, practice, practice, post your sketches here for feedback. Wash rinse, repeat?

What are you looking to get from a teacher/tutor? Demos? a particular technique/tool? I see you’re in San Fransico, I’d imagine there would be plenty of designers around willing to do a little after-hours tutoring. Craigslist?

There are tons of designers in the SF area. Maybe email a few firms and see if a designer there will mentor you.

Yeah there are tons of designers in S.F. (too many!)…jk
Glad you like the sketch site…we are in the process of giving it a boost and working on some of the kinks. Hopefully we can keep it interesting for the community.

If you want to contact me with some of your questions or get critique on stuff I am willing to take a look. just shoot me a message sometime.